Monday, January 30, 2006

Last Week in Riyadh KSA

I have been in some sort of transition period for the last couple of months, and at last I make a decision to move back where I belong to…Pakistan

It was never an easy decision for me, for people connected to me…but I am happy that I am ready for the change now.

I will never ever regret the time spent in KSA, a lot of memories associated with my stay here , I got a lot of experience and exposure while communicating with different nationalities, I feel that I am a better person. And above all the sights of Makkah and Madina will never fade from my memories. The first time I saw Qahba, i will never forget that stunning sight in my life.

I will also remember the plight of foreign workers here in Kingdom, the way they are mistreated mostly labors. I will never forget the proud call of a security guy "HEY HINDI". I will go along way with my memories here in Kingdom.

I am going to start a career from the scratch and I know that it will never be easy for me. But now I am more focused and much prepared Inshallah.

Wish me luck Guys.

One Week in Amman Jordan

Last week I spent in Amman Jordan for work purpose. I found Jordan a different country from other Middle East countries. It is a good example of a liberal society where people have some sort of freedom( This does not suggests by any means that it is the democratic country, but considering the middle east countries, still a lot better).

The people are nice and friendly. They are eager to work and prosper own their own and this is the basic difference in the approach, the mentality of people. Some times I feel that having much resource (oil) spoils the society somehow.

All in All a place to visit and remember…