Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Long time since I post something in my blog. The days are passing so quickly, Some times you feel that you are losing time with each day. Nothing much has changed for me, but for few.

- My Mom is here with me, enjoying a lot with her, I have a better understanding with my Mother than my Father, I don’t know why, may be coz I spent most of my life with my Mom.
- Have to make some vital decisions regarding my career in the coming month. Few options are there and I am thinking what to opt. I think the best thing is "ISTIKHARA", to seek Guidance from Allah when you can't figure out what would the best option for you.
- Today I was asked to visit Jeddah again for work; I have to choose some day in next week. I was not excited at all, traveling alone, staying in hotel for day or two. I am sure I will get bored there. These days I want to spend most of time with my Mom until she is here. But……..
- At office, things are getting harder day by day, a lot of projects to handle, deadlines are closing, I never had that much burden before. I think I loose interest, I need Vacations. Sum days out from routine to get relaxed, May be on Eid Holidays, Thinking to visit Dubai. Nice Vibrant city.

That’s the latest from me. I could not write (passing through a dull period) that does not mean that I am not reading others. Keep writing All of U.



Blogger Bloody_Hell said...

Faisal - I said he is pakistani Not as a attack comment or anything racial to my own ppl..It was jus a mere introduction...I dont remeber writing about his spitting habit as a fault in ALL pakistaniz...I was talking about a person who is paki jus like me ..acting all bad..
Sorry if u misunderstood.:)
Good luck with the "ISTIKHARA" may Allah guide you..

2:14 AM  
Blogger Faisal said...

Thanks Nadia for the clarification.
Yeah I got that wrong :)

12:52 PM  
Anonymous nasir said...

You're getting "Office Spaced"

5:03 AM  

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