Thursday, December 08, 2005

Inter Sect marriages !!!

Another issue keeps striking in my mind, what if a Sunni boy marries a Shia girl or the other way around. Are there are any compatibility issues.

What do you think that how important it is that the marriage should be from the same sect typically in a combined family atmosphere?


Anonymous Bilkis said...


I am a south african muslim and i think marriages between different sects shouldnt really matter as long as its still in islam. Islam should not be divided into shia/sunni in the first place.

I have seen that ppl here prefer to marry within their own sect and not associate with the opposing sect, but in my view we should all try to end the division in islam - it is totally wrong.

just my opinion

4:13 PM  
Blogger Ahmed said...

I am Shiite, and I can tell you that, by principle, Shiites have no problem with intersect marriages. Intersect marriages exist in many countries such as Iraq, Kuwait, and Bahrain, and they have also used to exist in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, but the rise of Islamic extremism 30 years ago has removed it. I, for one, is a supporter for intersect marriages because I think they would help us Muslims to understand each other better, and to get different sects closer. Of course, some issues can rise up out of these marriages, but I think it is not impossible to overcome these issues.

9:18 AM  
Blogger Bloody_Hell said...

Allah KNOWZ best.

2:12 AM  
Blogger Abu Sinan said...

Sure there are compatability issues, but that doesnt mean the marriage wont work.

I am married to a Saudi woman, I am American, we have compatability issues, but we love each other and so we make it work.

I guess it all depends on how devoted they are to making it work.

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salaam alykum:

I just want to find a decent man...when I first converted I was hella stuck on him being I don't care..but THEIR families sure care that I'm a convert..and not blonde and blue eyed so I'm not as desirable as a "true" American..whatever the hell that is.

Allahu alim.

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the stupidest question I've ever heard. Until proved differently you marry a person, not his/her religion so what does it matter? Life is complicated enough without having to add religious spice to everything - in particular love. For once, leave religion out of it.

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Amina said...

The scene and speech in the movie'Independence Day' really touched my heart about the Ailens had come to destroy the 'Human Race' and for all man kind to join together because it was not about diffirences and race that mattered, but survival! Has not Allah ( God ) warned us about this? Did not Abraham have 2 wives? Sarah and Hagar. They were not the same. How sad as Human Beings, that we still don't get the message that diffirences don't matter. Love and acceptance of each other does as Allah ( God ) loves us all, so should we.

4:25 PM  
Blogger Faisal said...

@ Anonymous

Life Is cruel and the reality is even more.......The fact is that there exists a problem in muslim world that we should all address. just we saying that every thing is okie would not work anymore. We should face the problems and should have the courage to say the truth, even if it doesnot suit our eleders thoughts.

And the fact that you cant leave the religion out of most important decsion of your life, i wish that some day we could eleiminate the differnces that we have, and think big....

I wish that all of us have the courage to speak out the truth and the passion to find out the truth......And to have the courage to give name to our words "Anonymous "

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Amina said...

Your remarks are greatly appriciated, you are wise for your age. Oh by the way, please excuse my typo's......Iam am artist not typest....LOL

12:55 AM  
Blogger Faisal said...

I believe if you understand the message, the other things are secondary....
I also appreciate your comments, it leads to a positive dialogue.:)

B D way what type of arts u r in???????

Stay Blessed...

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Amina said...

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3:46 AM  
Blogger Faisal said...


but i did not get that...

"Key in 'Polymer Garden' here and you can see my work"

Do you have some website of your art work or some images that you can upload???????

Would Love To See Them...

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Amina said...

Here at this site I am 'PolymerGarden'....and yes you can see most of my art at under Fine Art

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Amina said...

Oh my I mean.....*sigh*...perhaps this will teach me to type...not to mention spell........

3:24 AM  
Anonymous Amina said...

Your Topic,

Questions like this bring to my mind the question as to what are you taught there about American History and
Native Americans? I myself come from an inner faith, inner race family.. Improper information ( history, media portrayal , movies ) can build racist minds. We then are in judgement of another’s religion, color of skin, social-eco-notice status. This judging job is best left to Allah ( God ). We'd be wise to start to move closer in 'Love and Tolerance' in our hearts. Long ago mans main intrest was basic survival for himself and family. He was not clouded over with information. Miss-information. Now we pride ourselves for all our techo-computer-space age discovery, yet we are afraid of each other. We need to make an effort to try to learn about what we dont know. Perhaps the heart will soften and open the mind. I applaued my Ancestors.

8:35 PM  
Anonymous liya said...

Well speaking from experience, I was just like the person who first commented on this post... "Islam should not be divided into shia/sunni in the first place." But being in it, I would say it is not easy at all. I have realised that the sunnis do not refer to themselves as sunnis as much as the shias do. I repeat what Imaan commented "Allah knows Best".

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Bilkis said...

It really upsets me thinking how ppl have changed islam to suit their own needs and desires. Why complicate it when it is so simple and pure? It is muslims themselves who portray the image of corruption, complication and misunderstanding to the rest of the world when in reality Islam is about simplicity, compassion, love, devotion and unity.
"Allah definitely knows best"

2:14 PM  
Blogger moosejamal said...

I would say that cultural differences pose greater difficulty than religious ones in a mixed marriage, but religion and culture are very intertwined for most Muslims. Both husband and wife will be partially alienated from the other and their families. Also, who do you keep as your friends? It makes you sort of a misfit and this is even more true for the offspring. I think inter-religious and inter-cultural marriages make marriage more difficult.

And yet, I am considering proposing to my non-muslim girlfriend of several years. You can't predetermine who you fall in love with, it just happens. However, there are two important elements that must be present in order to make such a mariage work: Devotion and Compromise.

11:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sunni or later, the Shiite will hit the fan... ;-)

5:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hye guys ,,,,, i agree with all of you however it is not that easy to say marrieg between shiia and sunii is that easy! thier going to be kids and two diffrent mosq to go to the kidss will get confuzed buy seeing mother pray in one way and father pry in other way. one beilive in 12 imams and other belives in companinians of messanger of god
did any one thought about kids or just marrige and love only

3:06 PM  
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