Monday, July 25, 2005


I am In Abha !!!

Its very cloudy and soon it will start raining...

I Love the Place ...Enjoying alot...:)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

WHY ?????????????????????????????????

After the names of the suspect suicide bombers in London Attacks were announced, my mind says WHY??????

How these young people, living normal lives, having families, grown up in British culture involved in such acts against their own society, where their own friends, family members are protected and living a peaceful life.

My heart goes out for their families who will suffer for the rest of their life in fact the whole Muslim community residing in UK.

The world must find a solution to address the root cause of these problems as no security in the world is tight enough to stop a suicide bomber, you must see why these people are ready to sacrifice their life…………

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Wallah Jeddah Gair !!!!

I am in Jeddah right now !!!

Last night i visited Jamjoom Centre, Coornish and the beach resturant Lecoste.

There is a sense of freedom out here and i am enjoying my stay ... You will feel that the people ae more happier and satisfied.

But above all still missing Riyadh :(

Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Vs Paris

Yesterday the news came as a surprise for all. London city won the Olympics Bid for 2012. It was real shocking news for French people. Paris was so confident that they already started campaigning in public. Last time when I visited Paris every monument having displayed "PARIS 2012" with the Olympics logo on it.

For London it’s a day for celebration, as they beat the long time rivals "France". Both the countries and their people are in a sort of competition for long time now. The French people normally don’t like the British and the same in the other side, that’s why you will see the French love for their language and culture.

Anyhow I would like to have your opinion, what do you say, who deserves the event?


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bahrain - Full of Surprises

Manaama – Bahrain

Bahrain is too small in area but full of surprises, specially a person visiting from Saudi Arabia.

I had to organize a training session for our sales team there; otherwise it's hard to convince people about visiting Bahrain specially my family!!!!

I could not believe that a few hundred KM could change the culture, the life style all together. Bahrain is a little more open to my taste. I visited some western countries too and there you have to find some thing you need but In Bahrain every thing is available in your room. It's so sad that the place became a pleasure hut for the people around the gulf. That’s why it is called a mini bar of Gulf specially KSA. And the officials are doing nothing to improve this bad image, in fact they are promoting this so called tourism.

I had a very tough schedule there and did not found any place in Bahrain worth visiting, except the Coornish but it was also no better then Dammaam or Jeddah's coornish.

In Hotel you will receive calls from girls asking you about your current status "Faadil Wala Mashghool" and every time my answer was mashgool….In sleeping….:)

I am not a religious man, having small knowledge and even smaller practice ("Amal"), but I found it inhumane.

Disappointed from a so called muslim country….

2005 – A Traveling Year

2005 – A Traveling Year

For me, the Year 2005 started in a traveling mode and still it goes on and on. This Year I have experienced and explored many new places worldwide. It's nice feeling to see the life style of people living in different parts of the world. Since I could not find any thing else to write and as my friend (who inspired me to start this blog) told me that now you started the blog, you have to write something, so here I am with the glimpses of my travels in year 2005.

Jan 2005 – France (Lyon-Paris)

Basically it was a business trip with a training session. We started our travel from Riyadh to Paris in nice but a bit chilly weather. We reached Lyon via Paris after a day and half in the travel. As expected it was very cold in Lyon.

About Lyon

Lyon is historical city of France yet becoming a business hub. Lyon is a bit under rated as compared to Paris but I found Lyon a clean, organized and peaceful city with Twin Rivers adding more value to its charm. We stayed 5 days in Lyon and we were so busy that we could not manage to explore all the parts of lyon but we visited quite a few.


I heard a lot about Paris before but this was the first time I was visiting Paris. I had a very high profile in my mind about the city but it did not come to my expectations. Paris is an overcrowded, unorganized city but is has a lot to offer for art loving people with its historical monuments and traditional look. Since I was alone in Paris and nothing to do I tried to explore most of the places. Eiffel Tower is heart of Paris, and the best time to visit is at night. I encountered a lot of couples trying to protect each other from this cold J ….normal in their culture.

The People

I heard about French people being arrogant but its not true at all, in fact they are helpful.

The Food

The worst thing I experienced in my Life is the Food. No matter what ever you will order, it comes undercooked. L

Our hosts were very kind and they tried their best to get us familiar with all kinds of French food----mostly uncooked.
And being the guests we were obliged to respect their feelings, but in this process I ate alot of stuff which I could not imagine off. J …it was really an experience of my life.

But we take our revenge, when they visited us in Riyadh. Hahahah

I am trying to find some snaps of my trip. Soon I will upload.

Have a nice time...

Monday, July 04, 2005

The very first Blogg !!!

At Last I Created a Blogg of my Own !!!

I Always wanted to do that, to share ideas, thoughts but ........

Anyways Here I am and hope to continue writing, It helps alot :)